"Next time you think of beautiful things,
         don't forget to count yourself in"
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***All services requiring extra time or product due to extra consultation, density, length, or texture to create the desired look may have additional fees applied.
Haircut (shampoo, cut, blow dry)    $70
Style (shampoo & blow dry)             $36
One step color retouch, haircut and blow dry $135      
One step color retouch and blow dry $105
Partial foil  ( 1 color )Blow dry additional $85 
Full Head Foil (1 color)Blow dry additional $160 
Double Process Lightening starting at $150
Balayage starting at $190
Hydration Masque                  $25
Olaplex In salon treatment with take home $50
Body Perm                       $120  
Spiral perm                      $300 
Smoothing treatments         $180       
Straightening....   price per consultation
Eyebrow Shaping                 $15
Lip or Chin                          $15
Hairline                               $15
* Prices subject to change
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Maranda Hoffman
Studio 1 
{located inside of Salon Blue Studio Salons}
1105 Taylor St unit M
Punta Gorda FL 33950