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Kit includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Custom blended color, developer, disposable gloves, tint brush, processing bag

Olaplex add on: Olaplex protein add in, olaplex sealing treatment, and after care.

1)Shampoo hair with 1/2 the included protein shampoo, DO NOT CONDITION AFTERWARDS.

2)Pour the color into the developer cup and mix thoroughly with tint brush.

  b)Add in Olaplex add in (liquid).

3)Apply liberally and evenly to the first 1inch section of the hairline using 1/8 inch partings. (apply to both front and back of each section). Continue through the top section 1inch on either side of your part line and in the top of the crown. FINISH by reapplying a second coat to the front hairline while smoothing back the hair.

4)Place processing bag over the hair and tighten to keep your natural heat in. Process 35 mins. If your home is on the cooler side you can wrap a towel over the bag to increase heat  ***Note this will stain your towel is it gets on it.

5)Rinse your color out, shampoo with the remainder of the shampoo & rinse.

  b)Olaplex (cream) sealing treatment 5mins & rinse.

6)Conditioner ***FULL 5 MINS & rinse

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